Can't find new user in your company account, what to do?


Last Update a year ago

One of your new joinee went ahead and signed up directly on MeetRecord, but you can't find them in your account. 

What happened?

New user MUST be invited to join your account. If they go and signup directly then a new account is created and won't be associated with the existing account.

Refer: How to invite new team member?

How to resolve this issue?

1) Ask new user to signout from MeetRecord

2) Send them an invite from your account, go to Admin > People

3) Invitee will receive email to join your account

Invite sent but not joined

If you have already invited your colleagues but they have not joined your workspace then click on Resend Invite on Users page. They will receive email invite again.

Hope this helps, if you have any query then please reach out to [email protected]

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